Sunday, 13 December 2009

Studio - Day 20

Since my last update, I have stressfully spent two weeks finishing all the recording. Continuing on from my last post I started by laying down the acoustic guitar and bass tracks. I played an old Rickenbacker through a Fender Bassman amp using the occasional pedal, notably a cheap chorus and a Big Muff Pi for fuzz.

Next up it was time for synth. I used a MicoKorg and a Roland synth from the 80s, not sure of the model name. I played most of the sounds through a crazy effects unit that a friend of Magnus had built. In between the synth recording I did electric guitar overdubs as well as some ukulele.

By Thursday of the second week, with the songs coming together in terms of basic tracks and arrangements, Magnus and I decided it was time to start recording vocals. From the end of week two to the end of week three vocals took priority. In between the vocal takes I finished all the remaining guitar parts and Magnus recorded percussion. I also recorded Wurlitzer electric piano and piano.

On Friday night with a sigh of relief the recording was complete. Magnus started to mix yesterday morning and will continue doing so until I go home. It is sounding great!


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