Sunday, 29 November 2009

Studio - Day 6

I arrived in Umeå, Sweden, last Sunday night to spend a month here making my debut album. The album is getting produced at Tonteknik Recording with Magnus Lindberg. Out of the 15 or so songs I have written for this album, 10 will get recorded.

Magnus spent Monday morning setting stuff up while I got some rest in my hotel room. On Tuesday we spent the morning listening to my home demos and discussing what the best drum sound would be for the songs. We decided to go for a vintage dry sound using an old Gretsch kit. Magnus and I jammed through each of the songs while discussing drums parts and arrangements. After lunch we started recording

We finished recording the drums on Friday afternoon. They sound great!
After a couple of cups of coffee we started setting stuff up for electric guitar recording. I spent an hour or so testing different guitars, effects pedals and amps. I'll probably end up using a lot of different combinations.

For the past 3 days I've mostly been using my Gibson ES-330 and playing through an amazing little 8 watt Philips amp from circa 1950. The amp sounds incredible. I've also been using a Traynor head - both amps are going through a vintage 4x12 Marshall cabinet.

It's pretty cold here and it starts getting dark at about 2pm. It has been -4°C all day and the ground is covered in frost. I'll post a couple more updates before I go back home to London to let you know how it is going.


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